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Isn't Chef Diary a unique name for a Restaurant? Chef Diary was created because each item in the menu is like a page in a journal, a memory of a wonderful and lovely meal that was experienced. Just like a memory that is written in a diary. Our specials never repeat themselves, so it's a once in a life time experience itself.   We like the name so much, hence that is why our signboard looks like the side of the book!

Oh! And there is no grammatical error in our naming, Chef Diary is because it's journey for all us in the restaurant and not just for the Chef.

Chef Diary was born in 14th August 2009, in this small yet classy neighborhood of Medan Damansara. It's a Restaurant, it's a bar, it's a place you can relax and let the world's hectic race run ahead while you enjoy your meals. You can call us fine dining or casual fine dining but all we aim to do is serving you good and healthy food. At the same time, make new memories along the way with us.   

Our specialties is mainly Spanish food. And if you love TAPAS, do check out our menu on our extensive TAPAS listing.
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What makes us different from other restaurants?  We pride ourselves in the fresh and finest ingredients to be served to the customers. Sauces are all made by ourselves using fresh products. And only olive oil is used in our cooking as it low in saturated fat, so you know that you eating healthy food with us.

Hence not only you are enjoying exquisite food but healthy food.  No MSG is served with our meals as well.  We also cater for some desserts for those who have gluten intolerance, which is rare in Kuala Lumpur, so if do drop by our restaurant and ask for our flour-less cakes! Or just drop by for a drink!  We hope to see you soon!
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