Chef Diary Specials: Oxtail Braised in Madeira Wine

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 by NekoHime
It's time for our features again!  This time, another tapas, it's our Oxtail braised in Madeira Wine. Those who love their meats should enjoy this tasty tapas. Oxtail for a tapas?  Interesting choice for a tapas, however, not so in Spain. Oxtail is a common tapas dish in Spanish Tapas bars.  While many find this strange, in many countries around the world, it is not uncommon to eat the tail of the cow in various forms. As such, we have Sup Ekor or Sup Buntut in Indonesia.

While in Spain, most Oxtail stew uses sherry to cook, what makes ours more special is the use of Madeira wine to braise our Oxtail. Madeira wine originates from Portugal and it is a type of fortified wine that is famous in Portugal. This tapas is stewed for many hours to give our dish a distinctive taste. The end result is tender oxtail meat and a sauce that you wish you had endless bread (and sauce) to keep dipping it away. Save your breads for this dish! Drop by to Chef Diary to try out this Tapas dish now!

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