Chef Diary Signatures: Hickory Smoked Duck Tapas

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 by NekoHime
Being a Spanish influenced restaurant, TAPAS features heavily in our menu. Tapas actually means appetizers either in the hot or cold form. Traditionally in Spain, dinner time is normally 9pm to 12pm and after work and before 9 is bar hopping time! The small dishes of food served is not supposed to fill you up but just to get you going before you hit the main meal.  In fact in Spain, whole rows of shops are just devoted to serving Tapas only and specializes in different flavors of the region in Spain. Normally, there are small tall tables that people put their choice of tapas on the table and stand and chat!

Thankfully @ Chef Diary, you don't need to stand up and enjoy your tapas, you can sit on nice comfy chairs to enjoy Tapas. And, in Chef Diary, the tapas are really beautiful, not just in taste but in presentation as well.
Chef Diary-017

Today, i want to introduce one of our favorites in Chef Diary, which is the Hickory Smoked Duck Tapas with Apple Cider. For ducky lovers, this is delightful dish of thinly sliced duck. What's special about this dish is that the duck, is smoked right here at Chef Diary! The infusion of hickory into the duck, is absolutely heavenly and with a bit of sour from the apple and tomatoes, this gives the dish a light and refreshing feel to it.

So all duck lovers out there craving for a different twist to your normal roast duck, try our Hickory Smoked Duck @ Chef Diary. One of our best tapas dishes! 
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