Chef Diary's Signatures: Paella Valencia

Friday, May 28, 2010 by NekoHime
What is Spanish cuisine famous for? There's tapas, Iberian pork and Chorizo and of course lots and lots of seafood. But the other famous is Paella! Yes, the Spanish love rice as much as we do! Paella originates in the region of Valencia and is the birthplace of Paella.
The region of Valencia - taken from wikipedia. 

Paella is not really a national dish of Spain, as much as a lot of non-spanish people view it, but a dish regional to Valencia itself. It can't be help though as most Spanish restaurants, serve Paella, hence we all think it's the national dish! The word Paella comes from the old french word for pan

What's in a paella? Well rice of course! It's either Bomba rice or Calasparra rice.And the saffron added is to give the Paella it's trademark yellow and the flavor. The paella from the region of Valencia has a lot of vegetable, meat ( in this case, chicken ) seafood and spices for flavor. The rice is cooked till has a creamy taste that melts in your mouth feel.
Paella Valencia

This hearty dish can be eaten on its own or shared by a few people! Not only do we have Paella Valencia, but there are other types of Paella for you to try. If you have a craving for rice and all things Spanish, drop by to Chef Diary for some authentic Paella. 
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